Ready, Set, Potty?!?!

After just over a year and half of changing diapers this Mommy cannot wait to start potty training. I'm not quite sure if Brady and Laura are on the same page though. Brady absolutely loves sitting on the toilet with his training seat. Laura, not so much. She'll ask to get on the toilet but once her diaper is off and you try to sit her on it, she freaks.

She has no problem telling me when she's "pooped" regardless of where we are. Just the other day in Wal-Mart, she announced over and over again "Poop, poop" as she pointed to her bum LOL! The real kicker, there was no poop in that diaper. Brady grabs the front of his diaper when he's gone pee but is yet to actually go on the toilet.

I've done a lot of research on potty training and I know every child is different. So what has worked with one child, just may not work with mine. There are several tips and tricks that I have come across and look forward to sharing them with everyone.

Mommy's first task for this potty training mission is to get Laura comfortable with the toilet training seat. I read somewhere that using a stuffed animal or one of her toy babies may help. Placing them on the training seat and explaining to Laura what they are doing will hopefully make her feel more comfortable.    I am hoping this will work as I'd like to avoid buying a potty if I can.


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  3. Good luck. It took us forever for our first. We thought we were headed in the right direction when he would go pee on the potty and tell us he pooped, it still took months. I hope your experience goes much faster.

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  5. I hope the stuffed animals works for her :)


  6. Good luck with the potty training.
    It can be tough.
    I love the musical potty and it worked for my youngest...if you end up buying one :)
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  8. I'm not ready to transfer to the toilet stage with my twins-- they still think it's something to play in. ew!
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  11. Good luck! We're starting potty training this week too, though my guy is almost three! He is very motivated by treats so, hopefully, things will be quick. Glad I found your blog. Janae

  12. Hi. I just started following you and found this potty training post amusing. My son was one of the most stubburn potty trainee's in history. It actually got to the point where he was almost changing his own diapers before he would go potty. I say almost because he would have been successful if he had been able to lay on his back and fasten the diaper at the same time. He would soil the diaper, take it off without me knowing, throw it away and get a new one out. I thought he was never going to get it or even want to get it. Then it was like magic one day he went on the potty by himself and has never looked back since. I hope you have better luck than i did. It seems like they dont do it until THEY want to lol.

  13. Good luck with the training!

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