Best Friends From the Start

Do you remember when you met your first best friend?

Imagine what it would have been like to spend each and every day with that person. Not having to worry about your parents letting you have a sleep over or not because you lived together. Watching Brady and Laura today made me think about how truly lucky they are to have each other.

From the very beginning, they have had each other. Growing together in my belly. Experiencing life outside the womb together as they shared their first few hours together in an incubator. Coming home together. Crawling, talking, and walking together.  Most of their firsts have been together.

Best Friends from the Start

There's nothing quite like the connection twins have together. There are several times during the day when they're not playing together. One may be in their bedroom and one in the kitchen, however they still periodically check on one another. I think it's amazing. If Brady does something new for the first time Laura will clap for him and vice versa.

When they were babies if one cried so did the other one. I know this is natural for a lot of babies, but they usually only cried for each other when the cries were genuine. For example, Brady was quite concerned about Laura's cries when she was gassy and in pain. However when she had and still has the days where she cries without reason, he doesn't cry.

I know as they grow older they are going to fight and argue, as all siblings do. I believe though they will continue to have a strong connection. A connection that hopefully no fight or argument will ever be able to break.

Today they were running up and down the hallway chasing each other, over and over again, giggling. Is there a sound better than that? A sound better than a child laughing, especially when it's your child with their best friend.


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  2. cute!! Twins do seem to have such a remarkable connection from inside the womb that continues throughout most of their lives.

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  5. I'm in tears reading this! I love that they have each other forever! Mine are 21 months daughter doesn't remember life without my son, and they are best buddies too.

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  6. My kids are 5 years apart but I know exactly what you mean. I'm so thankful they have each other and know they will always be "besties."

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  8. AWWW, I think I have the same picture with mine. If hes sick, she goes "Its ok cole, all better" If she gets hurt, he runs after her and lays his head on her sholder. It ammazes me their connection that I dont know if Ill ever understand it.

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