Hopefully a Short Vacation

Just wanted to let all my readers know I have not forgotten about you. Things have gotten a little crazy around here at 2 Against 1 lately. Therefore, I haven't been able to put in as much time as I would have liked.

That being said I have decided to take a short (I hope) vacation to get caught up on everything. Actually it's more of a stay-cation since technically it's work related and I am not going anywhere. Once I have everything in check here, I full intentions of coming back and making my presence known again. There are some great changes occurring which I cannot wait to share with everyone. 2 Against 1 is currently setting up a business venture that I know is going to be successful. Once complete I will be looking for some bloggers to participate in some giveaways/reviews for me.

Thanks everyone for your patience and I hope to see you all soon :)

Blog Bash Winner!

2 Against 1 would like to congratulate Tanaya Hunyadi as she is the winner of the $600 online learning course from Learning Link Technologies.

As well, a special thanks to everyone who participated in Blog Bash 2011!