PR & Advertising

Reviews, giveaways and features are a great way to promote your product to my readers. As well they are a pleasure for me to write and host.


  • Advertising space is provided on an individual basis. Please feel free to contact me directly to begin advertising.


  • Products that 2 Against 1 receives for reviews will not be returned and the shipper is responsible for all shipping costs.
  • 2 Against 1 will host your giveaway and select the winner at random. Prizes must be shipped directly from your company to the winner. The winner's information will be forwarded to your company.
  • If your company is sponsoring a giveaway your advertisement will be placed in the sidebar 2-3 days prior to the giveaway and during the giveaway. It will also remain there for 1 week following the end of the giveaway.
  • For reviews and features your advertisement will be placed in the sidebar for 2 weeks. You are responsible for providing your own button for advertising (125 x 125). If you don't have a button and would like one made, 2 Against 1 can have one made for you (contact for pricing).
  • 2 Against 1 accepts monetary compensation for some reviews.

Winners for giveaways are chosen via The prize winner's information will be provided to you for your company to ship directly to the winner. Please specify if giveaways should be open to US, US & Canada or internationally.

*** All reviews are written based on my honest and personal opinions and/or experience with the product or service. If I am not pleased with a product, I will write a fair and balanced review, providing both pros and cons. If there are any problems with the product where I feel I am unable to do so, I will contact the PR representative/firm that sent the product to me. ***

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