Feeding a Picky Eater

What is dinner time like in your house? Lately mine has been an uphill battle, with my son who has become a picky eater! I dread dinner as it often turns into a battle between Brady and myself, as half the time he refuses to eat what he's given.

Has Spring Really Sprung?

Depending on where you might be located, your weather will of course vary to mine. That being said, here in Ontario, the weather has been beautiful!!! This of course leads to my question, has Spring really sprung?

5 Helpful Toddler Bedtime Tricks

For parents it might seem that every child you know, except your own, go to bed without a fuss. This might make you wonder what it is you're doing wrong. Truth be told, some children are just easier than others to put to bed. Avoid nighttime stress by using these five helpful toddler bedtime tricks.

Freelance Writing Hints Debuts Friday

As many of you know, I have chosen to hire a freelancer to help out with some postings here. For the next three weeks, readers can expect a new post by Freelance Writing Hints (FWH) each Friday. I have requested the topics of each article and look forward to sharing them with all of you.

Dr. Oz Was Right!

Dr. Oz has said many times on his popular show that elastic waist pants are not your friend, it turns out he was right! Whenever he said this I would sort of think, "Seriously, how could you not tell if you were gaining weight!" Unfortunately, I now know the answer to that question first-hand.