The Mystery Rash

Recently our house, well Laura in particular, was plagued with what we were calling a mystery rash. Literally here today, gone tomorrow. Better yet, here for 20 minutes, gone for 20 hours. I first noticed this mystery rash while giving her bath. It was almost as though she had what looked like a couple of welts or swollen bites on her arms.

Because of how fast the mystery rash seemed to spread although it stayed only on her arms, I took her to the hospital. If I had noticed the rash only 15 minutes earlier we could have gone to the walk-in clinic instead. I suppose this could be called, first time parent syndrome as the rash didn't seem to be bothering her, no fever, really no change in her at all. However, my husband and I wanted to be sure she was okay.

Of course by the time we made it to the hospital and registered her, the rash was gone. Considering the time was nearing 10 p.m. and we were looking at a minimum of six hours before she was going to be seen by a doctor, we left. Both Laura and Brady had a family doctor's appointment scheduled for the following morning, so I figured I would just mention it to him then. As well, my husband and I monitored her closely through the night.

The family doctor said she probably had an allergic reaction but as to what, he had no idea. He told us to watch her closely in case it happened again. That day she was fine, no rash. The third day was another story. Off and on throughout the day these same welt-like bumps were showing up on her arms. My husband and I racked our brains trying to figure out what could be causing this mystery rash.

We narrowed it down to two possibilities. A different cereal she had been eating through the week or the change in laundry detergent. We've never had a specific brand of detergent that we used, as we've always just bought whatever was on sale. Go figure the week the "name-brand" detergent is on sale, I buy it, and....... hello rash.

Needless to say all that laundry I was complaining about, well at least a quarter of it had to be re-washed. Knock on wood though, we must have been right. Since we went back to the cheaper detergent, the mystery rash is gone. The laundry on the other hand, it's still there.


  1. I bet your right. I've been blessed to never have those problems but I have a few friends that have to be very careful w/ laundry soap.

  2. I had never had a problem either. Apparently though in this house,I guess the detergent can't be too pricey LOL, or too strong smelling.

  3. good thing you were able to track down what is giving your little laura the allergies...I guess you better stick to that brand of detergent :)

  4. We've had a couple of mystery rashes. Turns out my son is allergic to most sunscreens and we have to use all the detergents that are free and clear, no scents at all. He has very sensitive skin, so we have to be careful!

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  5. it's a good thing that you identified the cause of the rashes. :)

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  7. We've had a few mystery rashes here... never were able to identify, so who knows what is!?

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  8. UGH! Mystery rashes, we have our fair share too! UGH!

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  9. Glad the rash went away! New follower, hope you will follow back :)

  10. Yep laundry detergent can do it. I am allergic to some too. You also need to watch shampoos and soaps since they often have the same ingredients.

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  12. Hopefully that was it and they don't come back! My daughter's been having a slight rash on her face, itchy nose and bathroom issues and so I've been writing down what we eat to figure it out.

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  15. I hope that is definitely what caused the rash! Allergies can be very scary.

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    Believe it or not - my husband had a mystery rash as well.

    What was it due to? Our fabric softener.

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    Hopefully the detergent switch does it for good. Happy Sunday!

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  20. It was probably what her skin was use to maybe it's not as harsh I don't know? Luckily we haven't run into any allergy problems so far they can be scary. Following from the Sunday stroll blog hop I'd love a followback @ My Adventures in Mommyland

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    Rashes are always hard to decipher! My son gets one once in awhile on his face. That now once we see it forming we apply some cortizone & its usually gone by the next day