My Son the Veterinarian

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I can't help but think Brady is going to become a veterinarian. I know what you're thinking. He's only 18 months old, he barely knows what animals are. How can you think he's going to be a vet. This boy is all about animals.

This past fall, Brady's uncle won him a stuffed toy dog on a leash from a local fair. Immediately the famous words, "dog, dog, dog. Woof, woof, woof". He went crazy over it. Brady usually walks this stuffed toy dog at least once a day. Not to mention the fights he has had with his sister over it. Dogs in general. Over the last few months Brady and Laura have accumulated quite a few stuffed toy dogs. Out of all of their stuffed animals the dogs are the ones he plays with the most.

For example, Zhu Zhu pets . A few of his cousins had them at Christmas and he fell in love with them. In fact we surprised him with his own Zhu Zhu pet shortly after and he was jumping with excitement. Just this past weekend he picked out a Zhu Zhu puppy when was at Toys R' Us with his Daddy.

Bambi commercials catch his eye to the point that he stops whatever it is he is doing, just to watch it. The dog Andrew in Mary Poppins gets him saying "dog, dog, dog. Woof, woof, woof".  He has wooden puzzles of dogs and farm animals that he plays with all of the time. A rocking horse that he feeds plastic food too.

Laura likes the horse and plays with puzzles. She walks the stuffed toy dog sometimes,  and every once in awhile she will play with the Zhu Zhu pets. But not the same way as Brady plays with them. She is bored of them quicker. She's rather be building with her mega blocks, cooking in her kitchen or watching her Mary Poppins.

Whatever he does decide to do when he grows up, I know he will do it great. Okay now that's something every Mom says. I also know that even if he's not a veterinarian, he will at least have a dog of his own and not a just a stuffed toy dog.

2 Toys 1 Day

It's not often Laura and Brady get brand new toys from their Daddy and I, unless of course it's a special occasion. We don't want them to take our gifts for granted and lets face it Daddy works as much as he does for a reason. It's also not often that Daddy has the opportunity to take Laura and Brady out by himself. With his crazy work schedule it's not always easy for them to get time together alone. Today on the other hand was their lucky day. Daddy offered Mommy some time to focus on writing, while he took the twins out for a bit.

Daddy decided to take them Toys R' Us with a gift card they had from Christmas. From what I gather Daddy and Brady had an excellent time. Laura on the other hand, she was scared of the toy her brother had picked out and apparently started screaming at the top of her lungs. For all you parents out there who have been in a situation similar to this, you know how he felt. For anyone who hasn't experienced such joy, you know what you are thinking when seeing a child freak out in a store.

Poor Daddy!

Unfortunately their trip to the store wasn't as long as Daddy said he wanted it to be, but he said he still enjoyed himself, Laura's freak out aside. Brady ended up picking out one of the new zhu zhu puppies. They're great pets, you don't have to feed them, walk them, etc. I know they're not recommended for children under the age of three however we watch the twins closely when they play with them. Laura picked out Olivia Ball Gown pig.

After Brady's haircut his Nanny insisted she buy him and his sister yet another toy at Walmart. This time Brady picked out a small stuffed Winnie the pooh. His Daddy tried to talk him into picking out wrestlers, but no such luck. It was Winnie the Pooh that came home with us.

For the twins today it was a great day! 2 Toys - 1 Day!!!

Cepia Zhu Zhu Puppies - Shitzhu 
Winnie the Pooh Disney Clubhouse Bean Plush Animals 

Olivia Ball Gown 

All of these toys & much more are available to buy from the ToyBox  toy store.

2nd Haircut What an Adventure

While at Wal-Mart today we decided to get Brady a haircut. Wow, what and adventure or wait! Did I say adventure? I meant to say mistake! The twins didn't have their nap today so trying to sit Brady in a chair with a stranger taking scissors to his head was definitely not a good idea.

As soon as I sat him down in the hairdresser's chair, the waterworks began. The hairdresser suggested I sit in the chair, he was okay until she tried to put the cape on me. I ended up holding him in my arms on my hip, with no capes to catch the hair. We had tried putting the capes on while we were standing and sure enough he freaked. Needless to say we both ended up covered in hair. I had told the hairdresser that with the twins I had been covered in a lot worse. Poop!

 The haircut continued, with every spray of the water bottle his screams got louder. I looked at my husband. There wasn't much we could do, his hair needed to be cut. And so she continued to cut, continued to spray. I'm not quite sure how long the haircut took but I can assure for me it felt like forever.

Luckily I noticed the hairdresser's cape she was originally going to put on him was covered in animals. Thank you, monkey! You helped to calm him, without the animals he probably would have screamed non-stop.

There was a part of me that couldn't blame to poor kid for being a little scared. There were moments when the hairdresser made me nervous. She wasn't the greatest hairdresser for children. The haircut itself turned out not too bad though. The price, I suppose was reasonable. It was $11.95. We managed to get 10% off though because the hairdresser pretended it was Brady's first haircut, wink, wink. Her idea as when she asked me I was honest and said no it was his 2nd. She smiled and she would give us the 10% off.

Believe it or not, Laura didn't freak out while Billy was cried. Most importantly Brady got his haircut, so it wasn't a mistake. It was however, an adventure!

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Most Shopping Carts Fit One Child

Since having the twins, I've noticed that there are not many stores whose shopping carts accommodate more than one child. Thus making it quite difficult to run sometimes run errands. Around here there is only one store, the Wal-Mart Super Centre. This can be frustrating when there's sales etc. at other stores.

Twins aside, I am sure there are many families out there who have children that are close in age. Would it not make sense to have seating for at least two. I do most of my shopping at that specific Wal-mart. Driving 15 minutes to do some shopping, rather then going to the Wal-Mart that is just around the corner. If more local establishments had shopping carts that accommodated two children I would be more opt to shop at them.

Sure, a stroller is always an option. Recently though my husband and I almost got stuck in a local grocery store because the aisles weren't wide enough for our stroller to get through. Funny considering we had no problems fitting through the door when we went in. Frustrating, especially since the grocery store was packed. We were holding up the line trying to squeeze the stroller through. Of course, the more frustrated we became, the harder it became to get the stroller out.

The other problem with a stroller is the amount of items you can fit in it. How many groceries can you really fit in the basket of a stroller? Not a lot. For this reason, most big grocery shops are either done by either my husband or myself or we all go together and use two carts.

Even our local Toys R' Us doesn't have carts that seat two children.

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Babys 1st Doctors Appointment

Prior to becoming a Mommy, I would literally leave my house maybe 20 minutes before my doctors appointments. The doctor's office is approximately 15 minutes away from our house. I mean it didn't take me long to throw on my coat and shoes. Nine times out of ten I would make it to the appointment on time.

When it came time to take the twins to their first doctor's appointment, I didn't think I would need to leave that much earlier. How much more time could it possibly take to pack up the twins. Problem is, me not thinking was just the problem I didn't think at all. Of course it was going to take at least double the time to get ready. Let's just say that despite having the help of my husband and my mother-in-law, we were late. Not just late, really late.

Roughly 30 minutes before their doctor's appointment, my husband and I grab the twins to load in their car seats. Sounds easy enough except, they were only about a week old. Non-stop dirty diapers and dirty these diapers definitely were. As quickly as we could my husband and I changed the diapers and outfits, yes it had been one of those, or I guess two of those. We had to change their entire outfits as well.

By the time Laura and Brady were cleaned, changed and packed in the car seats we had 5 minutes to get to our appointment. I called the office to let them know we were going to be late. Fortunately they were understanding and if anything my husband and I provided the office with some great entertainment for the day. I'm sure the way we ran into the office, each with a baby in our arms. I know the receptionist sure had a good laugh.

That was the first of many lessons for me to learn. Also the first of many times I would be late and blame it on the twins.

It Takes 3 to Vacuum

Everyone knows the importance of vacuuming. Keeping a neat floor, especially with toddlers. When Laura and Brady were newborns the vacuum didn't bother them at all. In fact I could literally vacuum right beside them without them moving. Out of nowhere they became petrified of it.

Needless to say, vacuuming became a little more difficult. 2 screaming babies following the vacuum around isn't what I call a good time. I did say following the vacuum. Once Laura went into her bedroom, cuddled with her giant teddy and fell asleep while I vacuumed. For the most part though, despite their fear they chose to come near it.

Fast forward to now. Laura pretends her corn popper push along is a vacuum and follows me around the house. Brady has become fascinated with the light on the front of it and intentionally stands in front of it. He thinks it's funny when the vacuum gets close to him.

Recently Brady has decided he wants to push the vacuum around for Mommy. Brady's strong as most young boys are but this vacuum is a little too heavy for him to do it himself. Hmm... that's a thought, my 18 month old vacuuming the house for me.

I had to pause and enjoy that thought for a minute. Needless to say Laura "vacuums" beside me and Brady helps me push the vacuum. What I used to be able to vacuum in 15 minutes, takes at least double that now.

Funny though, isn't that how everything is when you become a parent? Doesn't everything take you at least double the time?

Taking Some Mommy Time

For the first time in awhile, I decided to have some Mommy time. So during Laura and Brady's nap today, I ran myself a bath and relaxed. It was nice and definitely needed.

Before I had the twins. Heck, before I was married,  I would poke fun at my sister Jennifer for little things. Not looking after her feet, her hair not being brushed, etc. I distinctly remember her saying that I would find out when I had children. That once you have kids, there may not always be time to spend an hour soaking my feet, giving myself a pedicure. Something I did quite frequently as crazy single. At the time I thought she was crazy.

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I'm sure I told her it was important for her to take time to herself. Of course I was sure I knew what I was talking about.

Who's laughing now?!? The older sister of course. She was right, there are somedays when I'm just lucky enough to get a shower, let alone give myself a pedicure.

A few days ago, I decided to follow my own advice. I couldn't believe the sight of my feet (not to get personal) but they were worse then Jennifer's ever were. Needless to say nap time, became Mommy time. Mommy time, became feet time. They're looking a little better now, thankfully. My feet are smiling, I think for the first time since I had the twins.

I'm thinking I could get used to this thing called "Mommy Time".

Great Toddler Toys to Buy - 12 to 18 mths.

At 18 months, Laura and Brady's love for toys is growing faster than they are. At 12 months and even now, they are all about toys they can push around the house. These are just a few of their favourites.

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Stroll-ALong Walker

Bought originally for Laura, Brady plays with this toy as well. They both put everything from babies, stuffed animals, etc. in it and push it around. Very sturdy toy, so it's especially great if your toddler is just starting to walk.

My First Electronic Ride On

Laura and Brady each have this ride on toy. Bought for them at 4 months old, Grandpa thought they needed it then wink, wink! Although it was several months later before they could ride on it, they loved it. So much so, they both still push and ride them around the house. FYI - if there's something we can't find of theirs, they have usually hid under the seat of this toy.

Laugh & Learn Musical Chair

This has been a toy that Brady and Laura have fought over from the start. Perfect height for toddler's to sit on. When sitting on the chair it sings abc's, etc. With all of the musical features, this toy kept the twins busy for hours. Easy to clean as well.
All of these toys are available to buy from the ToyBox  toy store.

Great Infant Toys to Buy - 6 to 12 mths.

As Laura and Brady grow so does their preference in toys. Below are some more of their favourites .

Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

Although this is in the 6-12 months category, the twins were in it by 4 months. This toy jumperoo is a little different than the one Laura and Brady had. However we thought the vibrating chair was a lifesaver, well the toy jumperoo was a sanity-saver! We ended up getting a second one so the twins could jump together. They loved it and so did Mommy and Daddy.
Little Tikes Discover Sounds Kitchen

Laura and Brady were given this toy a little later then 12 months. However, I am sure they would have enjoyed it just as much if they had gotten it earlier. Doesn't take up much space, easy cleaning.
Little Tikes Discover Sounds Workshop

Another great toy that is taking up minimal space in our home. Easy cleaning too. Like the Little Tikes kitchen, this workshop was great for developing the twins motor skills.  

All of these toys are available to buy from the ToyBox  toy store

Great Infant Toys to Buy - 0 to 6 mths.

Like most children, Laura and Brady love their toys. These were a few of their favourites. 
Tiny Love Gymini Monkey Island Activity Gym

Laura and Brady played on this for hours. Twins friendly as both fit under it together for quite sometime. It's great for tummy time. At 18 months they're still playing with the toy monkey that lights up. Machine washable, hang dry, very little fading. 
Fisher-Price Infant to Toddler Rocker

Lifesaver or should I say sleep saver!  Brady didn't like the vibration at all. Laura spent a lot of time her in chair. The vibration calmed her. They enjoyed playing with the toy rattles as well. 
Fisher-Price Rock-A-Stack

A classic toy. I think we all had one of these in our toyboxes. It's still in the twins toybox.

All of these toys are available to buy from the ToyBox  toy store

Introducing a Classic Disney Movie

Why didn't I consider this classic disney movie earlier?

So I think every child has a movie they watch over and over again. For Laura it has been the New Kids on the Block live performances from the Coming Home DVD. Not sure if it's because the twins attended I think 3 concerts while in the comfort of my belly or not, but she definitely loves them. Her preference is the DVD but she'll dance to their cd's as well. Both Laura and Brady have started with the famous "oh,oh,oh,oh"

Enter the Christmas season and out comes Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer the Movie. This animated movie is filled with great music and lovable characters. Prior to this past Christmas season I had never seen this version. Both Laura and Brady were glued to the television screen anytime it was put on.

Now let me be clear, I don't want people to think that all the twins do is watch television. I don't agree with them watching television all day everyday. But when it comes to preparing meals in my house, throwing on a movie to occupy them has served to be a lifesaver. It has avoided several tantrums which would have resulted in time-outs.

By mid January this Mommy had watched Rudolph, one too many times. I think I had started recited the movie in my sleep. I tried a few others animated movies to see if they would capture their attention long enough for me to prepare a meal, but no such luck. It was the music in the Rudolph movie that  they loved so much. I needed to find a good children's movie with a lot of music but still good lessons for the children to learn.

It came to be one day, Mary Poppins . I had watched it several times myself as a child and loved it. I leery  about the lack of animation in the film. Meaning I wasn't sure if they would reman enthralled by the movie, even though it wasn't animated the whole way through.  Who's kidding who though, a classic, is a classic. They loved officially love Mary Poppins.

Here we are mid February, one month later and it's still being put in the VCR at least once a day. I'm glad they like it. I had forgot how much I enjoyed the movie. I catch myself singing the catchy songs during the day. Mary Poppins was one of their father's favourite movies as well. It's nice to put a movie on that the whole family can sit down and enjoy together.

It's also nice to put on a classic film that occupies the children and you are able sing-a-long with while trying to prepare a meal.

Twins 1st Attempt at Tobogganing

Thus far, the twins haven't had a lot of encounters with snow. They've come out with me a couple of times during the wretched task of snow shoveling, but other then that, they've been looking at it from the warmth of the house. Their first encounter with snow was funny, they more or less didn't move. Brady in particular, I believe he thinks once his feet are buried in the snow he's unable to move. 

I have tried to play with them in the snow. Throwing it up in the air, making snow angels, etc. but they have continued to look at me like I am crazy. I'm sure have looked a little funny but I really want them to enjoy being outside all year round, not just the warmer months. At one point they ate the snow, no it was not yellow, I checked first. And to date I think that was probably what they enjoyed most, eating it. Can't blame them, I know I've ate snow once or twice. I don't remember eating any yellow snow, but it probably happened.

I figured what the twins needed was some time outside playing with other children. Seeing that Mommy isn't the only one who makes snow angels. To let Brady know that children try hard enough they can walk through snow. This being said, there wasn't a chance I could turn down a tobogganing invite from their Auntie Jennifer and some of her children. I had assumed they would love it, especially since playing with their cousins is one of their favourite things to do.

So this past weekend my husband and I bundled up Brady and Laura and off we went to experience their first rush of racing down a hill on a toboggan. Okay they didn't necessarily race down the hill, they are only 17 months old, but they did go down it. For safety reasons, we started a little more than half way down the hill. Laura was with her Auntie Jennifer and Brady was with me, their father waited anxiously at the bottom of the hill in case of any crashes. Down we went, Brady didn't make a sound the whole way down. I didn't hear anything from Laura and Auntie Jennifer's toboggan either, that is until they reached the bottom. 

Sure enough once we reached the bottom, Laura let out the strangest cry. It was a cry/laugh mix. I'm sure every parent has heard it before, when their child can't seem to make up their mind, are they happy or not? I believe this is just what happened to Laura, that combined with her being a little tired. We didn't make her go down again. Brady, on the other hand went down again, but he wasn't much for it the second the time.

Needless to say I enjoyed the tobogganing trip with Auntie Jennifer and her girls. My plan of getting the twins to enjoy snow..... well we'll have to see next time they go out. For now we can say they have tobogganed, whether or not they enjoyed it, well ......... Mommy did.