Athlete I Am Not

Wow! Today was just one of those days. You know those days, when you just can't seem to open your eyes. You fight with yourself to get up and out of bed. Needless to say that's how I felt this morning. Laura and Brady played happily in their cribs for awhile so rather then get my butt out of bed, I opted for an extra 15 minutes or so sleep.

Unfortunately it didn't help much. I think it's just been too many late nights in a row in this house. Two coffees and a bowl of cereal later and I just couldn't seem to get motivated. Poor hubby, he had to put up with lazy, not-so-friendly wife. He's met her before, but he doesn't really like her. I know my husband doesn't care if I have a lazy day but not-so-friendly wife is something he doesn't like dealing with.

So, by lunch, this not-so-friendly wife decided running would be a good way to get herself both motivated and out of her crazy state. Well, I would like to start off by making it quite clear that there is a HUGE difference between running with a Wii remote and running outside. Yep, I've been running with that remote for a long time now. Thinking the whole time that I was an athlete.

Well today I realized an athlete, is something I am not. I would say I managed to jog for about half and power walk the rest of the 2.5 km run I had mapped out for myself. What was I thinking, running on the spot in the living room for 20 minutes doesn't constitute to mapping out a run quite that far. Once home, it took me nearly an hour to cool down. My chest felt like it was caving in. Now hours later, the longer I sit here the more I am stiffening up.

Needless to say not-so-friendly wife was left behind on the run. This made for a much more enjoyable afternoon. We'll have to see how I feel tomorrow, but this Mommy has a new mission. I plan on being able to run those 2.5 km's without dropping down to a power walk.

Let the training begin.


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  9. You can do it!!

    Keep it up, it only gets easier!
    I started similarly and am now planning a mountain run for the third consecutive year!

  10. I hope you continue! I am a runner and it makes me feel so much better when I work-out.
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