About Us

Welcome to 2 Against 1!

This site will provide you with insight into the journey of a first time mother raising her twins. 2 Against 1 will be informative as well as humorous. As a first time mom I am looking to learn from other mothers, fathers, grandparents, or anyone looking to contribute. Most importantly, other parents and guardians will able to relate to this blog. 


I used to provide customer service to adults who weren't pleased with their new homes. I now provide customer service to twins, Laura and Brady. The twins keep me busier than I have ever been and can sometimes be harder to please than the average homeowner. 

Brady & Laura
Brady has the eyes of an angel and is very kind-hearted. He's a silly boy as he's been a joker from the start. Loves to read and simply can't get enough of dogs, my son the veterinarian. Laura is the first born and leader of the two. She's a smart cookie, ironic that's one of her favourite words. She has a way of lighting up a room. Currently they can't get enough of Happy Feet & Mary Poppins!