Mommy's Messy Lunch

Okay parents, I'm sure everyone has had a lunch like this one. If there is one thing Laura and Brady know, it's mealtime. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, they LOVE their food and they know what time they usually eat.

So, today Mommy was a little behind schedule, just one of those days. I'm rushing around the kitchen preparing their lunch, Daddy's lunch for work tomorrow, filling the sink, etc. Multi-tasking, something every parent must learn to survive.

Well sure enough, after Laura and Brady finished their pancakes and apples, I got up to grab their yogurt. As I spun around to give it to them.............

Laura & Brady - "Uh-Oh!"

one yogurt slipped out of my hand and hit the floor. As you can see it may have actually hit the stove first. Either way, a few choice words come to my mind. However, knowing their are little ears listening I say "DRATS!!!".  As I'm wiping the floor clean I hear a little voice from behind me. "Drats, drats, drats" Is there an echo in here? Nope just another word Laura has now learnt. Good thing I didn't say what I was really thinking.

"Yes, Laura, drats is right!" 

On a lighter note, at least that part of the kitchen floor is now extra clean. I had already given it a wash earlier this morning, isn't that how it always is. 


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  4. Oh goodness yes be happy she didn't repeat something worse my 2 year old was busted saying "what the friggin" the other day and my 4 year old busted a gut laughing at him .. good times lol

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  8. Sometimes I wonder if kids make for a messier floor or a cleaner one LOL!

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