Happy Spring a Great Week

What a great week it has been here at 2 Against 1. It started and ended with a little makeover. First with the new header and lastly with my new button. Both were designed by BKB Graphix. We co-hosted "The Middle Matters" Mid Week blog hop with  Makobi Scribes, and was surprised today to be the spotlight in The Sunday Strolling Hop hosted by The Chickenista Reviews.

Laura and Brady had a great week too. With the sun shining, the snow melted and a little warmer temperatures a lot of our time was spent outside. They absolutely love the outdoors, especially when they they don't have to wear their snow pants, allowing them to move around a little more freely. They were surprised when we initially went outside and rather then loading them into the van I pulled out the stroller.

Taking the twins for walks and playing at the park was a pleasure and I must say a great workout too. What a difference the park was this year from last. By the end of last fall they were still mainly fixated on the swings. Laura and Brady spent most of their time in them, swinging back and forth, giggling. The twins were intrigued by the slides though, as they had spent many summer days watching a few of their cousins slide down them endlessly. However at that time, they were still a little too young to slide down them.

Well this year, they have definitely remembered how much fun their cousins were having. When we got to the park I put the twins in the swings, just as I had on several other trips to the park. Brady laughed and enjoyed himself, however Laura didn't want anything to do with the swings and was actually scared of them. After the swings it was straight over to the slides and that's where we stayed. Slide after slide was followed by laugh after laugh.

With Spring now, here we are sure to have many more days just like these.

Happy Spring!


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  4. Parks are great for little ones. Half an hour of fun in the park means a good nap when you get home for them and you lol

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