Potty Training Success

If you had asked me last week how the potty training was going, I would have said we were on our road to success. Unfortunately this week we're flushing a much different story.

A couple of weeks ago, Brady went potty. YAY! Not because he told me he had to go but I had just managed to put him up there at the right time. We were fortunate enough that Daddy was home to enjoy the first big potty moment. I imagine Brady thought his father and I were crazy, as we both jumped up and down screaming with excitement for him. Even Laura was screaming and clapping.

This Mommy cannot lie. I know consistency is the key to successful potty training, but during that first week, consistency is something I lacked. Last week however, I was consistent and he managed to go 3 days in a row. You can imagine a mother's excitement when she's avoided 3 stinky diapers! Saturday, Mommy was a little preoccupied getting ready for a baby shower and what not so by the time Brady hit the potty it was unfortunately too late.

Sunday came and went with no potty success. Monday morning, back in routine and still no potty. Monday night I caught him grunting, so I grabbed him and sprinted down the hall. Success. Unfortunately though, yesterday was a flop again. A week ago I was ready to buy training pants, this week I'm thinking we're not going to need those for a long time.

I am thinking my mistake was my lack of consistency. When I put him on the potty 3 days in a row at roughly the same time, he went. In the coming weeks, I must make sure to focus on consistency to ensure potty training success.


  1. That might be one benefit to having to take your children to daycare (I had to work when my girls were small) - the daycare basically did all the potty training :-D

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  2. Ah.... potty training. Glad it's over. :-)
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  3. I am not an expert by any means, I have only potty trained one child but...I have a few tips, take them or leave them.

    Naked training, if you are at home have your little one go without pants, or diapers, or underwear. They pay more attention to when they need to go. We did not have one accident when we did this.

    Next is consistency, decide to potty train and do it. Take them to the bathroom a lot at least every hour.

    We did chocolate training, on mnm for pee and 2 for poop. I put a jar on the back of the toilet.

    It worked for me.



  4. I started with my girls sitting on the potty ever so often. I had it where it where they could see it. And my children ran around the house with their bottom half exposed a majority of the time lol. He will catch on and you will soon forget the potty challenges.

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  7. Consistency is my problem too! We are out and about so much that it is hard to be consistent at all. My toddler is losing interest.

    Maybe this weekend we can just stay home and go to work. :)