Twins 1st Attempt at Tobogganing

Thus far, the twins haven't had a lot of encounters with snow. They've come out with me a couple of times during the wretched task of snow shoveling, but other then that, they've been looking at it from the warmth of the house. Their first encounter with snow was funny, they more or less didn't move. Brady in particular, I believe he thinks once his feet are buried in the snow he's unable to move. 

I have tried to play with them in the snow. Throwing it up in the air, making snow angels, etc. but they have continued to look at me like I am crazy. I'm sure have looked a little funny but I really want them to enjoy being outside all year round, not just the warmer months. At one point they ate the snow, no it was not yellow, I checked first. And to date I think that was probably what they enjoyed most, eating it. Can't blame them, I know I've ate snow once or twice. I don't remember eating any yellow snow, but it probably happened.

I figured what the twins needed was some time outside playing with other children. Seeing that Mommy isn't the only one who makes snow angels. To let Brady know that children try hard enough they can walk through snow. This being said, there wasn't a chance I could turn down a tobogganing invite from their Auntie Jennifer and some of her children. I had assumed they would love it, especially since playing with their cousins is one of their favourite things to do.

So this past weekend my husband and I bundled up Brady and Laura and off we went to experience their first rush of racing down a hill on a toboggan. Okay they didn't necessarily race down the hill, they are only 17 months old, but they did go down it. For safety reasons, we started a little more than half way down the hill. Laura was with her Auntie Jennifer and Brady was with me, their father waited anxiously at the bottom of the hill in case of any crashes. Down we went, Brady didn't make a sound the whole way down. I didn't hear anything from Laura and Auntie Jennifer's toboggan either, that is until they reached the bottom. 

Sure enough once we reached the bottom, Laura let out the strangest cry. It was a cry/laugh mix. I'm sure every parent has heard it before, when their child can't seem to make up their mind, are they happy or not? I believe this is just what happened to Laura, that combined with her being a little tired. We didn't make her go down again. Brady, on the other hand went down again, but he wasn't much for it the second the time.

Needless to say I enjoyed the tobogganing trip with Auntie Jennifer and her girls. My plan of getting the twins to enjoy snow..... well we'll have to see next time they go out. For now we can say they have tobogganed, whether or not they enjoyed it, well ......... Mommy did.

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