Introducing a Classic Disney Movie

Why didn't I consider this classic disney movie earlier?

So I think every child has a movie they watch over and over again. For Laura it has been the New Kids on the Block live performances from the Coming Home DVD. Not sure if it's because the twins attended I think 3 concerts while in the comfort of my belly or not, but she definitely loves them. Her preference is the DVD but she'll dance to their cd's as well. Both Laura and Brady have started with the famous "oh,oh,oh,oh"

Enter the Christmas season and out comes Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer the Movie. This animated movie is filled with great music and lovable characters. Prior to this past Christmas season I had never seen this version. Both Laura and Brady were glued to the television screen anytime it was put on.

Now let me be clear, I don't want people to think that all the twins do is watch television. I don't agree with them watching television all day everyday. But when it comes to preparing meals in my house, throwing on a movie to occupy them has served to be a lifesaver. It has avoided several tantrums which would have resulted in time-outs.

By mid January this Mommy had watched Rudolph, one too many times. I think I had started recited the movie in my sleep. I tried a few others animated movies to see if they would capture their attention long enough for me to prepare a meal, but no such luck. It was the music in the Rudolph movie that  they loved so much. I needed to find a good children's movie with a lot of music but still good lessons for the children to learn.

It came to be one day, Mary Poppins . I had watched it several times myself as a child and loved it. I leery  about the lack of animation in the film. Meaning I wasn't sure if they would reman enthralled by the movie, even though it wasn't animated the whole way through.  Who's kidding who though, a classic, is a classic. They loved officially love Mary Poppins.

Here we are mid February, one month later and it's still being put in the VCR at least once a day. I'm glad they like it. I had forgot how much I enjoyed the movie. I catch myself singing the catchy songs during the day. Mary Poppins was one of their father's favourite movies as well. It's nice to put a movie on that the whole family can sit down and enjoy together.

It's also nice to put on a classic film that occupies the children and you are able sing-a-long with while trying to prepare a meal.

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