Taking Some Mommy Time

For the first time in awhile, I decided to have some Mommy time. So during Laura and Brady's nap today, I ran myself a bath and relaxed. It was nice and definitely needed.

Before I had the twins. Heck, before I was married,  I would poke fun at my sister Jennifer for little things. Not looking after her feet, her hair not being brushed, etc. I distinctly remember her saying that I would find out when I had children. That once you have kids, there may not always be time to spend an hour soaking my feet, giving myself a pedicure. Something I did quite frequently as crazy single. At the time I thought she was crazy.

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I'm sure I told her it was important for her to take time to herself. Of course I was sure I knew what I was talking about.

Who's laughing now?!? The older sister of course. She was right, there are somedays when I'm just lucky enough to get a shower, let alone give myself a pedicure.

A few days ago, I decided to follow my own advice. I couldn't believe the sight of my feet (not to get personal) but they were worse then Jennifer's ever were. Needless to say nap time, became Mommy time. Mommy time, became feet time. They're looking a little better now, thankfully. My feet are smiling, I think for the first time since I had the twins.

I'm thinking I could get used to this thing called "Mommy Time".

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