2nd Haircut What an Adventure

While at Wal-Mart today we decided to get Brady a haircut. Wow, what and adventure or wait! Did I say adventure? I meant to say mistake! The twins didn't have their nap today so trying to sit Brady in a chair with a stranger taking scissors to his head was definitely not a good idea.

As soon as I sat him down in the hairdresser's chair, the waterworks began. The hairdresser suggested I sit in the chair, he was okay until she tried to put the cape on me. I ended up holding him in my arms on my hip, with no capes to catch the hair. We had tried putting the capes on while we were standing and sure enough he freaked. Needless to say we both ended up covered in hair. I had told the hairdresser that with the twins I had been covered in a lot worse. Poop!

 The haircut continued, with every spray of the water bottle his screams got louder. I looked at my husband. There wasn't much we could do, his hair needed to be cut. And so she continued to cut, continued to spray. I'm not quite sure how long the haircut took but I can assure for me it felt like forever.

Luckily I noticed the hairdresser's cape she was originally going to put on him was covered in animals. Thank you, monkey! You helped to calm him, without the animals he probably would have screamed non-stop.

There was a part of me that couldn't blame to poor kid for being a little scared. There were moments when the hairdresser made me nervous. She wasn't the greatest hairdresser for children. The haircut itself turned out not too bad though. The price, I suppose was reasonable. It was $11.95. We managed to get 10% off though because the hairdresser pretended it was Brady's first haircut, wink, wink. Her idea as when she asked me I was honest and said no it was his 2nd. She smiled and she would give us the 10% off.

Believe it or not, Laura didn't freak out while Billy was cried. Most importantly Brady got his haircut, so it wasn't a mistake. It was however, an adventure!

Image: healingdream / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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