Great Toddler Toys to Buy - 12 to 18 mths.

At 18 months, Laura and Brady's love for toys is growing faster than they are. At 12 months and even now, they are all about toys they can push around the house. These are just a few of their favourites.

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Stroll-ALong Walker

Bought originally for Laura, Brady plays with this toy as well. They both put everything from babies, stuffed animals, etc. in it and push it around. Very sturdy toy, so it's especially great if your toddler is just starting to walk.

My First Electronic Ride On

Laura and Brady each have this ride on toy. Bought for them at 4 months old, Grandpa thought they needed it then wink, wink! Although it was several months later before they could ride on it, they loved it. So much so, they both still push and ride them around the house. FYI - if there's something we can't find of theirs, they have usually hid under the seat of this toy.

Laugh & Learn Musical Chair

This has been a toy that Brady and Laura have fought over from the start. Perfect height for toddler's to sit on. When sitting on the chair it sings abc's, etc. With all of the musical features, this toy kept the twins busy for hours. Easy to clean as well.
All of these toys are available to buy from the ToyBox  toy store.


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