Most Shopping Carts Fit One Child

Since having the twins, I've noticed that there are not many stores whose shopping carts accommodate more than one child. Thus making it quite difficult to run sometimes run errands. Around here there is only one store, the Wal-Mart Super Centre. This can be frustrating when there's sales etc. at other stores.

Twins aside, I am sure there are many families out there who have children that are close in age. Would it not make sense to have seating for at least two. I do most of my shopping at that specific Wal-mart. Driving 15 minutes to do some shopping, rather then going to the Wal-Mart that is just around the corner. If more local establishments had shopping carts that accommodated two children I would be more opt to shop at them.

Sure, a stroller is always an option. Recently though my husband and I almost got stuck in a local grocery store because the aisles weren't wide enough for our stroller to get through. Funny considering we had no problems fitting through the door when we went in. Frustrating, especially since the grocery store was packed. We were holding up the line trying to squeeze the stroller through. Of course, the more frustrated we became, the harder it became to get the stroller out.

The other problem with a stroller is the amount of items you can fit in it. How many groceries can you really fit in the basket of a stroller? Not a lot. For this reason, most big grocery shops are either done by either my husband or myself or we all go together and use two carts.

Even our local Toys R' Us doesn't have carts that seat two children.

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  1. I feel like Im stalking you today, but I can completely relate. Ill go to Sams or Aldis becuase they have double carts. Ive never understood why most stores dont do double. I get them to sit in the basket part, I get weird looks but what am I supposed to do.

  2. Mrs. G. It's okay I embrace stalking as long as it's the friendly kind. Single carts are frustrating and yes what are you supposed to, sometimes there is no other choice. I was excited yesterday I found a grocery store - Freshco that accommodates 2. Silly thing, all freshcos don't have dble carts. Grr!