It Takes 3 to Vacuum

Everyone knows the importance of vacuuming. Keeping a neat floor, especially with toddlers. When Laura and Brady were newborns the vacuum didn't bother them at all. In fact I could literally vacuum right beside them without them moving. Out of nowhere they became petrified of it.

Needless to say, vacuuming became a little more difficult. 2 screaming babies following the vacuum around isn't what I call a good time. I did say following the vacuum. Once Laura went into her bedroom, cuddled with her giant teddy and fell asleep while I vacuumed. For the most part though, despite their fear they chose to come near it.

Fast forward to now. Laura pretends her corn popper push along is a vacuum and follows me around the house. Brady has become fascinated with the light on the front of it and intentionally stands in front of it. He thinks it's funny when the vacuum gets close to him.

Recently Brady has decided he wants to push the vacuum around for Mommy. Brady's strong as most young boys are but this vacuum is a little too heavy for him to do it himself. Hmm... that's a thought, my 18 month old vacuuming the house for me.

I had to pause and enjoy that thought for a minute. Needless to say Laura "vacuums" beside me and Brady helps me push the vacuum. What I used to be able to vacuum in 15 minutes, takes at least double that now.

Funny though, isn't that how everything is when you become a parent? Doesn't everything take you at least double the time?

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