Happy Days

As we all know, life can be stressful. Between finances, children, employment, marriages and just plain life in general, it can sometimes be hard to stay positive.

Lately I have been trying to configure a plan to help my hubby and I get out of negative town. For us, whenever it seems like everything is about to be on the up and up, something comes crashing down. I am determined if you focus on the negative, then negative will be what you get.

So, recently I've decided to find something positive about every single day. Regardless of how bad the day might have been I will find the positive. I am probably driving my hubby nuts, but I now ask him everyday what his favorite part of the day was. Whether it be when the twins run to him when he gets home, their hug before bed, a great conversation he had at work, just something positive.

It's starting to work and I now want to share it with my readers. So everyday I am going to do my best to post a short blurb about what made me happy that day :) I welcome you to share your happiness as well.

Yesterday, on of my happiest parts of my day was when my hubby brought me a coffee mid-afternoon. I didn't ask for it, I hadn't even said I needed it, but trust me I did. That little gesture put a smile on my face.

What was the highlight of your day?


  1. Christine PettijohnMay 24, 2011 at 10:54 AM

    When my two year comes up to me and says "mom I think you need a hug." It puts a smile on my face every single time.

  2. Great idea! Today I'm eating sushi for dinner, yum yum!

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