Great Mom #2

The second Great Mom is a person I have known all my life. We grew up together, she's my sister. Growing up together we had our fair share of disputes. Being four years older than me, she was too cool for her younger sister. As the younger sister, I just wanted be as cool as she was, but was too young to comprehend why my efforts failed.

I admit, it was my fault her Barbie camper van was run over by a car. It was me who left it in the driveway and I didn't confess to the crime, even while she was scolded by our father. She threatened to burn, yes I said burn, all of my New Kids on the Block memorabilia if I told on her for sneaking out of the house. The fun memories sisters share.

It was during our teenager years that we really clashed. Two separate personalities, at two separate stages in life. Being the first born, our father was the hardest on her. Thankfully she broke him in, making my brother and I's teenage years a little easier. If you asked me then, if I thought we would ever get along, if we would ever have the close relationship we have now, the answer would have been "Hell no!."

During her transition year from high school into college, she ended up pregnant. There was something about the birth of her son that brought us together. At last we finally had the relationship, I always wanted to have with her, but was too stubborn to admit it. It is because of her son, that today we are best friends.

When a lot of people would let a young pregnancy hold them back, she instead excelled. Unfortunately she was unable to move away to college as she had originally planned. However, she managed to fast-track her program of interest and to date is a complete success in her field. At one point she was enrolled in school, working full-time and still remained a great Mom to her son.

At just under a year, her son was diagnosed with spinal meningitis and she was told he probably wouldn't survive. I watched a part of her die that day and there was nothing I could do. It was a disease only a miracle could cure and thankfully a miracle did just that. To date her son is your typical teenager, up to no good. The disease left him with a hearing disability, but at least he's here with us today. That miracle revived the part of her that had died that day.

The meningitis scare is merely one tale in a series of challenges she has dealt with and continues to deal with on a daily basis. All the while never allowing any of these challenges to interfere with her ability to be a Great Mom. It is because of her that I believed in fairy-tales and am fortunate enough to be living one today (or at least my version). I know one day she will live hers too, Prince Charming will sweep her off her feet.

She's there when I have a Mommy question. She picks me up on days when I struggle with Motherhood the most. She has dubbed the name Mother Goose, simply because it's the best way to describe her. She now has three magnificent daughters as well. Her four children are what drive her, they are quite simply her life. There are only a few people that I know, who would and have made the sacrifices she has made for her children.

There are so many reasons I consider my sister to be a Great Mom, too many to name.


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