Great Mom's Week

With Mother's Day a week away, it's time to salute great Moms!!

In honor of all great Moms, 2 Against 1 will be publishing a series of posts this week, highlighting 3 of the greatest Moms I know. Although I consider myself to be a pretty great Mom, I opted to simply pat myself on the back instead. Okay, let's be honest I'll be treating myself to a relaxing bath too.

I hope everyone will enjoy these posts as much as I have enjoyed writing them. All three of these Moms are inspirational and important to me for many reasons. It is because of these great Moms that I have become the Mother that I am and continue to be each day.

Being a Mom is far from being easy, but it is the most rewarding accomplishment I know I will ever achieve.


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  1. Hello my love! What a beautiful blog you have! I can't believe you have enough energy to write with twins!
    I found you through the weekend blog hop! I hope you have a wonderful week my dear!