Keep Bronson in Your Thoughts (Happy Days 05/26)

This is a little late as it was supposed to be posted last night. Oops.

Yesterday there were a lot of things that happened to make me "happy." However there was one thing in particular, that made me so grateful and yet so sad all at once. I read a blog posting about a special little boy named Bronson, who at 4 days old was diagnosed with a rare cancer and is fighting for his life at Sick Kids Hospital.

The posting made me grateful for my healthy twins, but sad for this family and baby Bronson. They are all so strong for everything they have been through thus far. Children, especially should not have to encounter everything this baby has and he is less than one month old.

I hope you will check out Bronson's Journey and keep him and his family in your thoughts, I know they are in mine.

Keep fighting Bronson!

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