Flu Season

Okay seriously the flu needs to LEAVE my house stat!! It started last Thursday with Laura refusing to eat her dinner, this is not normal in this house. If there's one thing the twins love to do, it's eat.

Friday morning, the twins wake up super early, but aren't exactly there energetic self. I give them breakfast and it begins. Laura comes running the kitchen while I'm doing dishes covered in her bran flakes. I've said enough, no details required. Fevers on and off all day, followed by diarrhea.

Finally that passes and..................

Today my hubby comes home from work with the flu! You know what that means. I am crossing my fingers it stops with him. My compassionate self has him quarantined in our bedroom and just may opt to sleep on the couch tonight.  All you SAHM out there know, we don't get sick days. Translation if it comes to me, I'll probably give it back to the twins and it will continue to circle. Once the twins go down the disinfecting will begin as well.

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  1. Oh I hope you don't get stick. You'll still have to take car of everyone! I still love sick kid cuddles. The one highlight of so much misery! Get well soon!