Great Mom #1

This great Mom just happens to be both the youngest, as well as the newest of the three. I have known this amazing Mom for at least 17 years. During that time, we have grown from being friends, to best friends, to what we consider sisters.

As teens we lived merely a couple of houses away from each other. If I wasn't crashing at her place, she was at mine. Her parents were mine and my parent was hers. We shared our secrets and our dreams together. To this day, we continue to do so. We got into trouble and I mean a lot of trouble together, but wow did we have fun doing it. Her parents split which resulted in her moving away. This didn't stop us from remaining friends, but instead made our friendship stronger.

This great Mom has seen and picked me up from my lowest points in life, but has also shared in my highest points. She stood with me as my fairy-tale came true and I married my Prince. Her kind words brought the room to tears. After giving birth to my twins I suffered a series of complications. She was there to ensure I recovered, she looked after the twins and I. This Great Mom was there when I needed her the most.

I've shared in quite a few of her highs, but she refused to allow me to share in her lowest times. She became lost and has told me she couldn't lie to me and therefore chose to distance herself from me. I always knew the Great person she was and is to this day had never left her. It couldn't leave her, she's too good of a person and her heart is too big for that. That person I loved was merely lost, buried in confusion.

When most thought she would fail, I knew she would flourish, but she needed to do it on her own. This past year, she did exactly that. She became a Great Mom. She was blessed with a precious baby girl and now lives each day for her Princess. She has overcome enormous obstacles to become the Great Mom that she is today. I am grateful she is in my life and can't imagine what it would be like without her.

She is an inspiration to many. She is an inspiration to me. But most importantly, she is a Great Mom!


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