Happy Days (05/24)

Today was definitely one of those days when I needed to find the positive to make me happy. Mid-afternoon I thought it was going to be when I woke the twins up from their nap, they just looked like angels. Of course I had to take a moment to really admire them before I woke them up, soaking up every ounce of their cuteness.

However, my heart melted tonight when I put them down to bed. Before I closed their door I said "I love you" like I do every night. Only this time I heard in a beautiful little voice, Laura say "love you."

Moments like that can't help but make me happy regardless of how bad your day is!

What made you happy today?


  1. I found you through the hop and now your latest follower on google and twitter. How right you are on this post! Plus you actually feel better when you focuse on the positives rather than the negatives. I look forward to reading your happy things!

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