Terrible Two's in Training

After the last week, I am pretty sure the twins are officially in training for the terrible two's. I am curious as to the whereabouts of my little boy Brady. Recently he has been taken over by this other little boy. A little both this Mommy isn't familiar with.

The new Brady listens only to what he wants to hear. He's pushing his limits constantly. I just don't understand what has happened. Two weeks ago, I would ask him to come brush his teeth and he'd be waiting at the bathroom door for me. Now I can sit in the bathroom for quite awhile before he decides to wander in. I ask him not to leave the bathroom while he brushes his teeth and he runs down the hall, toothbrush in hand.

Laura hasn't been quite as bad, but she is still having her moments. I think she "tagged" Brady into the ring. I'm not sure how most twins are, but Laura and Brady have been "tagging" each other in and out of "the ring" from the beginning. Every baby/toddler has fussy times or moments. My husband and I realized a long time ago that when one of the twins are going through a fussy time, it's only a matter of time before they "tag" the other one in. When most parents are exhaling a sigh of relief after a fussy period, we're usually preparing for the other twin to take over.

I don't want anyone to think the twins are bad children, because I know it could be much worse. They are, or Brady in particular is just going through a phase right now. Maybe, he is actually training me for the terrible two's. 


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  2. I feel for you! Been there, done that... a couple of times. :-)

  3. Lynda, stopping by from Blogelina's class tonight. Great post!

    I always say the twins are tag teaming me. You can't really understand how endless it feels until you live it. The worst was when they would do it at night in two shifts. One would wake up from 11-2 and finally get to sleep just as the other decides to wake up an hour later and you're up for the rest of the night. Sooo do not miss those days. It really does get better...only they get more creative in their strategies. Less tantrums more sneak attacks.

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  5. lol.. Thank you for following us.. here to follow back.. My gremlins are 3... we braced for the Terrible 2s... and quite frankly they were NO were as bad as I thought they'd be... but the 3's????? LORD.. 3's must be the NEW 2's.... bwahahahaha looking forward to reading more.. (=

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  10. Cute story on your twins. So funny how they will "tag" each other, it usually is like that. Found you through TGIF hop. Hope you follow us back.