Sippy Cup Hide and Seek

Lately it seems I have been playing a daily game of hide and seek with the twins sippy cups. Let me tell you it has been frustrating. I didn't think it was possible to lose at hide and seek against a sippy cup. However, I can assure you it is. One night last week I hunted high and low in this place in search of one missing sippy cup. I went to bed that night thinking I would have to buy a new one the following day.

Sure enough, the next morning as I'm getting the twins breakfast ready, in walks Laura drinking from that very sippy cup. The sippy cup, who just the night before had beat me in a game of sippy cup hide and seek. The night before I had asked both Brady and Laura several times if they knew where the cup was. They laughed and danced, they even pretended to look for the cup. Well, I hope they were looking for it. If not, then they were mocking my loss of the game of hide and seek with the sippy cup.

Tonight before we put the twins to bed my husband decided to join in on the game. Together we looked everywhere for this sippy cup. Especially since it was just purchased today. Laura and Brady standing around, helping as always. I could tell my husband was starting to feel the same frustration I had felt the week before. Sure enough he found it on the couch, in front of his face. This has happened to me on countless occasions. The more I hunt for missing sippy cups, the more frustrated I get too.

I am determined to come up with a device for these sippy cups. A pager perhaps, so I won't lose at sippy cup hide and seek again.


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  3. Hi Mommy, thanks for visiting and for the follow. Now returning the bloglovin. Is it hard to have a twin?

  4. LOL -I am a new follower and we have lost many sippy cups:)

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  6. I always check under the couch and under the beds first... then in backpacks, purses and the dress up drawer.

    Those suckers can "hide" so many places!

  7. At least you found it before it fermented and started to grow mold!

    What a great blog! I'm having a blast catching up on all your adventures. I'll be following along to see more.