Has Spring Really Sprung?

Depending on where you might be located, your weather will of course vary to mine. That being said, here in Ontario, the weather has been beautiful!!! This of course leads to my question, has Spring really sprung?

The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping. Most importantly the twins and I have spent most of our time outside for over a week now. At last, I can get these poor little guys out of the house. This past weekend alone, we had a lovely play-date outside, a trip to the lake, park and two super long walks!

Winter here came and went with very little snow, so there wasn't much to do outside, but now the options are endless. Last week we spent hours outside cleaning and raking up the yard. All the while the twins were busy picking up leaves, twigs and rocks.

So, I ask you..... Has Spring Really Sprung? What fun Spring activities have you been participating in?

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