Snowy Weekend

This past weekend we were finally given a taste of winter. I'm not referring to the bitter wind chills either. Playtime in the snow has been down to a minimum this season and it's been difficult to occupy the twins. Playing outside with the twins just isn't the same when there's no snow and it's freezing temperatures outside.

Thankfully though, old man winter gave us snow over the past few days and we have been enjoying it. Taking 15 minutes minimum to bundle them up is not exactly my cup of tea, but well worth it to see their smiles. Not to mention, how tired they were following our winter adventure.

They have been determined to build a snowman "Frosty and Crystal," a difficult task with no snow. I managed to make a mini Frosty and Crystal for each of them. The snow wasn't exactly packing snow, but you can't explain that to two-year old twins.

Overall, an enjoyable wintry weekend. What did your plans include? Was it wintry conditions where you live?

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