2 Against 1 Hires a Freelance Writer

Potty training continues to be going well here, but life just continues to get busier :)

What can I say though, I still remain busy, busy, busy! No, I am not going on another vacation, although who wouldn't want another one of those.
Instead I am hiring a freelance writer to help with posts for my blog. This will help to maintain regular posts here, when I am caught up with the twins, life and everything else.

Freelance Writing Hints and I are currently working out the fine print, topics, frequency of posts etc. But I will keep everyone posted on how things are going. So far so good though!

Wish me luck! I will let everyone know when details have been confirmed and when we can expect their first post. Your feedback on their posts would be appreciated.


  1. This is awesome. I don't know anything about potty training or being a mom, but I love to write and would love to get to write for other blogs. If you are ever looking for guest bloggers I'd love to write for you. I may not be able to write about mommy baby stuff, but I do read a lot of mom blogs and have lots of admiration and respect for them. I also love kids, they inspire me more than anybody. I have learned a lot from them, so when it does finally come time for me to settle down and start a family, I have a lot of knowledge for the future. I pretty much love writing about all subjects so if there are ever any opportunities, I would love to contribute:)



  2. Please excuse my previous post, I kind of unintentionally contradicted myself where it says I may not be able to write about mommy baby stuff...what I meant to say was, I may not be able to write about mommy baby stuff from my own personal experience, but I can write about mommy and baby stuff.


    1. Sarah,

      Thank you so much for your comment. No worries about contradicting yourself, I knew what you meant :) I will definitely keep you in mind thank you for offering. Thus far I am enjoying my experience with this company. Although the company itself is fairly new, the writer has been doing it for years, which is great. I am hoping my readers find her work as engaging as I do. Thanks again for stopping by :)

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