Potty Training or Bribery?!?

As you know, we're on our second attempt of potty training the twins and so far I think we're doing okay. Of course on the days where I feel super frustrated with the task I surf the web looking for answers and can't believe the amount of bribery I'm thinking this might take.

Many resources obviously suggest rewards for a job well done, which I definitely agree on. However, some ideas just seem a little outlandish and more like bribery.

Here are a couple of suggestions I have come across:

  1. Smarties/Candy of sorts as a reward (something we are trying & seems to be working).
  2. Make a chart for them to put their reward stickers.
  3. A surprise bag of toys in which they can pick one for each successful potty trip.
  4. Letting them run around naked.
  5. Sitting them on the potty every hour.
  6. Refusing to Potty Train (courtesy of Domestic Goddess Mommy)
A couple of the above ideas I really like. 
  1. The smarties is actually one we are using as a box of smarties are a lot more cost efficient then a surprise bag of toys.  
  2. Stickers as a reward for potty training is another one in which my husband and I have considered using if the smarties fail us.  
  3. A surprise bag of toys for me just seems like too big of a reward. However I think it could work if you combine 1 & 2. Simply meaning, 10 stickers can get you a pick from the dollar store loot bag.
  4. Naked, I have a boy and a girl and just don't feel comfortable (nothing against those that do) letting them run around all day with no clothes on together.
  5. I've tried the every hour and it has been successful at times but I also have a million other things to do in a day and that one is time consuming.
  6. Refusing to potty train, which I discovered today thanks to Sklar Magazine suggesting I check out the above posting from (aspiring) Domestic Goddess Mommy. This is quite interesting and I urge you to review the post as I think it could work with my daughter who is very independent. She does better when you let her do things herself. By this I mean, if we stop constantly asking her to go potty and let her go on her own, I think we might be more successful. An approach in which I think we will be trying.
What are your thoughts, do any of the above methods seem like a good idea to you? What methods have you tried on your potty training toddlers? For me, I've just had enough of the double dose of diapers and am anxious for them to be gone.