1st Encounter with the Twins

Oh the anticipation of my first encounter with my baby. I couldn't wait to see him/her, my husband even took the day off work. You can imagine our surprise when baby turned into babies!
The first ultrasound is supposed to be great and don't worry when it was all said and done it was great, but during it, not so great. Within the first five minutes of the ultrasound the technician turned the screen so I couldn't see it. I then, ask a simple question.

Me - "How many ultrasounds do you usually have during a pregnancy?" 
Technician - "Most have one or two, but you will have probably have a lot."
I, of course begin to panic.
Me - "Why?"
Technician - "Well, I have something to tell you that may scare you a little but I am going to wait to the end to tell you."
Now I'm really worried, I think there's something wrong with my baby. The ultrasound felt like it went on forever. Keep in mind, I am in there by myself, my husband was in the waiting room.
The technician finishes, says he's going to go get my husband. Keep in mind, I have no idea that while he's walking my husband down the hall he says the same thing to him. 
Technician - "I have something to tell you that may scare you a little but I am going to wait to the end to tell you, but I am going to wait until you're with your wife"
My husband walks in, at first by himself and I start crying telling him what technician said and that I think there's something wrong. He, being the supportive husband that he is, says that everything will be fine not to worry. 
In walks the comedian, he starts scanning my belly and says  "here is Baby # 1 and......... here is Baby # 2." I didn't clue into the whole number thing because I was too busy waiting for him to tell me something was wrong.
My husband's response, I think it went something like this "HOLY F--K!!." LOL!
It took a little while for it to register that I had two babies in my belly, however for me, it was justification for how sick I had been. Most importantly, I was relieved to know they were both healthy, how we were going to handle it was a whole other story!

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